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Common Questions

What services do you offer for investment?

We offer capital for companies in the Seed stage (i.e. post MVP). We do not offer capital for tech development. Our investments come in the form of SAFE notes, convertible notes or priced equity. We do not offer debt funding.

Can you help if we are an existing company past early-stage?

Unfortunately not :( DAV only invests at the Seed stage

How do you measure the success of a company?

Success differs for each company. At the seed stage metrics such as revenue growth, unit economics, gross profit margin and operational efficiency are some of the metrics we measure.

How do you ensure early-stage venture growth?

We support our portfolio companies to increase revenue by attracting more clients, and decreasing costs to improve operational efficiency.

Can you provide access to the African market?

We provide portfolio companies with introductions to qualified leads. The region of the prospective clients differ per industry,


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